Starting next month, Greenville will have the chance to eat healthier with the opening of its first “Clean Eatz” location.

Founded by two body builders, Clean Eatz provides healthy options to cities around North and South Carolina with locations in other states coming soon.


"It’s an all-healthy café," said Clean Eatz Greenville owner Scott Mueller. "Our mission, personally, is to close the gap between eating healthy and wanting to eat healthy, because there's a big gap there."

Co-founders Don and Evonne Varady started Clean Eatz because of their healthy lifestyle.

"The people that developed the franchise are a couple of bodybuilders who've been in the restaurant business for seven years," Mueller said. "Evonne was overweight and Don was a short guy who was tired being pushed around and so he became a bodybuilder, and Evonne lost weight through nutrition."

Scott and his wife Carol decided to purchase the franchise earlier this year, with a history of healthy meal prepping and body building. The couple plans to embed its healthy options into the East Carolina community and beyond.

"All of the food is carefully measured, so we know the macro[nutrients]," Mueller said. "It's your calories, proteins, carbs, sugars, fats."

Menu options include items such as sandwiches, flatbreads, turkey burgers and salads. The restaurant takes pride in making its meals as healthy as possible.

"You get a healthy balance of those [macronutrients]," Mueller said. "We pump up the good stuff and bring down the bad stuff."

Customers will also have the option of setting up a meal plan with Clean Eatz to be picked up at the beginning of the week. Each meal plan menu will have different options than the previous week and each customer will have the ability to pick a different amount of weekly meals, ranging from 5 meals for $38 and 21 for $128.

"You order how ever many meals you want per day or for the week," Mueller said. "You choose your meals Thursday through Sunday and you pick them up on Monday."

The store will also have a freezer that will be stocked with pre-packaged meals.

"We'll also have a grab-and-go freezer up front," Mueller said. "That'll be stocked all the time, so you don't have to call ahead, you can just come pick from what we have."


Clean Eatz Greenville is located at 805 Red Banks Road and will be open Monday-Saturday starting in October.

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