We at Clean Eatz have always been proud to say that we are more than a cafe; we help individuals change their lives.

Clean Eatz's mission is to:

  • Provide a positive environment that is welcoming, friendly, comfortable, non-judgmental, and motivating to everyone.
  • Empower our customers through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.
  • Be an example to our customers of living a healthier lifestyle by making fitness and nutrition choices that make a positive impact in our lives. 
  • Provide accountability and support for each one of our customers to reach their individual goals.
  • Educate in our products to accommodate each persons lifestyle needs.
  • Serve a menu that accommodates all levels of clean eaters with the standards of:
  1. Low Calories
  2. Low Fat
  3. No Sugar
  4. No Added Sodium
  5. Affordable 

With these values and our passion, we can make an impact in our customers lives. 

One lifestyle at a time.

Don and Evonne

About the Founders:

Don Varady


I am Co-Owner of Clean Eatz. I am a certified personal trainer and an NPC bodybuilder. I feel very privileged to be able to wake up every morning and to do something I have a passion for, which is help people achieve their goals in health and fitness. 

I grew up in Edwardsville, Il where in Jr. High and High School I was picked on a lot for being "the little guy". I was on the wrestling team and was the smallest guy on the team every year. I was bullied and picked on, called names and many other things growing up. Until one night I was
"horsing" around with a friend who was bigger than I was and he threw me over his back and broke my leg. That's when I decided that it was time to do something about the "little guy". I started eating a lot of healthy foods and lifting weights to get bigger and from then on I was hooked! In 2009 I competed in my first bodybuilding show. I fell in love with the sport from
then on. My love for the sport and the lifestyle is what has allowed me to meet many people that are now near and dear to my heart and are great friends that have taught many things along the way.

The gym is also were I met the love of my life, Evonne White. We met in the gym training and hit it off immediately. One year later we competed in a show together and our relationship grew and grew. Today we live together and train together everyday.

She is my best friend. With our passion for living a healthy lifestyle we also decided to become business partners and do what we both love, which is help others learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise and nutrition.

One of our mottos is "no question is a dumb question" everyone has to start somewhere just like we did. So if there is anything we can do to help you to achieve your goals, please don't hesitate to ask. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE, MAKE IT COUNT!!

Evonne White


Former overeater, former "lifetime" member of Weight Watchers, entrepreneur, kickboxing instructor, personal trainer, and a nationally qualified competitor.

In 2003, I weighed over 206 lbs. when I decided that I'd had enough and joined Weight Watchers. I became a lifetime member at 140 lbs. and shortly thereafter, I quit going. Within a year I was back to 186 lbs. I loved the way I felt at 140 lbs. so I started running, became a kickboxing instructor, and decided to compete in figure competitions.

Nutrition was my most difficult challenge; if it was sitting in front of me - ready to eat - I would make the right decision. If not, look out! So, on Sundays, I began making my meals for the entire week and soon my refrigerator was filled with Tupperware containers. Each container had exactly what I needed and it wasn't long before my clients were asking me to do the same thing for them. That is when the idea of the cafe started.

There are so many temptations that we are faced with everyday, we wanted to create a social environment where it is a guiltless ordering on your part. When you decide to make a healthy commitment you feel secluded from activities. Clean Eatz is your safe haven!

It takes willpower and dedication. If it was easy, 67% of Americans wouldn't be overweight. Don and I are committed to this for the long haul. We have a passion for our business and customers.  This is more than a job to us....This is our lifestyle!

My goal is to help you reach your goal(s)!

* If you want a great tasting healthy meal, we have it.
* If you want to discuss a meal plan, I'm ready.
* If you want an exercise program, I'm a personal trainer.
* If you want motivation, we can encourage you.

Most of all, we at Clean Eatz are here to help in any way we can.