Clean Eatz Announces WeChangeLivez Challenge 2024

Jan 1, 2024

Health Food Franchise Puts Up $25,000 for 6th Annual Nationwide Fitness Competition

Clean Eatz, America’s leading health food restaurant and online meal plan franchise, is getting ready to kick off its annual WeChangeLivez (WCL) Challenge. This year, the franchise will be giving away 12 weeks’ worth of meals to a participant in every Clean Eatz community around the country. And each of those local winners will be entered to receive the grand prize of $25,000.

The challenge encourages participants to use the two-month duration between Jan. 15 and March 15 to better themselves, physically and mentally, in an effort to reshape their lifestyle and lead their best lives. Signups open on Jan. 1, with all winners being announced in early April.

“I have the WCL Challenge to thank for giving me a community and a support system that helped drive me to this point in my personal health journey, where I’ve lost 108 pounds and counting,” said Ashley Hedrick, winner of the 2023 WCL Challenge. “The competition didn’t pit contestants against one another. It connected us with men and women chasing a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. And the results that came from it were beyond anything you could imagine!”

With 100-plus cafés currently open nationwide, Clean Eatz is operational in more communities now than ever before. As a result, their team expects this year’s WCL Challenge to be the largest and most inclusive to-date.

“This Challenge has really snowballed over the last five years, and every time we’re absolutely overwhelmed by the stories of change,” said Clean Eatz Co-founder Evonne Varady. “We want everyone to see what the WCL movement is all about. It’s not an overnight-change, ‘got-to-be-the-best’ push. It’s about believing in yourself, giving yourself a chance, and inspiring others through your hustle to do the same.”

Those interested in participating can sign up online, or by stopping by their local Clean Eatz. Once registered, participants should share their efforts on Facebook and Instagram, tagging posts with #wechangelivez to be considered for the prize meals and $25K.

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